Cool Cafe Australia

Now that Cool Group of Companies has introduced Cool Cafe Australia, not only can you get water delivered fast to your door, but all your cafe needs too! For corporate meetings or just as a quick pick-me-up beverage, the constant stream of fresh coffee remains as big a part of business as a shirt and tie. Our fully automated one touch coffee machines are cost effective and use the quality Jarrah Flavoured coffee products in a variety of flavours.

Would you like a $1200 Coffee Machine with the great taste of Jarrah from only $99pa?

YES…from $99pa

  • Fresh hot coffee at the touch of a button and all in 8 seconds!
  • No More messy coffee centres with sugar and milk everywhere!
  • Fully automated easy to use!
  • Self cleaning at the touch of a button!
  • Quality Jarrah flavoured coffee, flavours include Brazil, French, Hot Chocolate, Chicken soup and Spiced Chai
  • Units can go anywhere.

You can use Cool Aqua Springs bottled natural spring water or a Cool Aqua Filters bottle filter!

Units can also be plumbed in. POA

Coffee Refill bags ONLY $33 per bag, makes 60-70 coffees!!!!


This service is available Australia wide contact us today for more information